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Secure and scalable payment software
Highly customizable
Ideal for banks, barters, remittances and complementary currency systems. Over 1500 payment systems worldwide use Cyclos.

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Stimulating local trade and development
Find local businesses
Cyclos supports sustainable local development.

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Highly customizable software
• Supports multiple currencies
• Dynamic group and accounting structure
• Translated into multiple languages
• Modify translation keys online
• Create new fields (for ads, groups, etc.)
• And much more…

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Secure and open interface
• Solid security layer
• Resistance to attacks as XSS, CSRF, SQL injections
• All passwords hashed with ‘salted’ SHA2
• All identifiers are ciphered
• Security alerts for administrators and verbose logging
• IP whitelist and URL restriction per group
The entire internal services layer can be accessed through a web service API
Business & community features
• Charges and Fees
• Analytics & Reporting
• Online webshop
• References & transaction qualifications
• Internal messaging system
• Content management

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Cyclos chosen as the most
innovative payment technology
by payment industry.
Cyclos is developed by STRO, a leading organisation in monetary innovations. STRO’s mission is to enable local/regional economies to flourish in a sustainable way.
Cyclos users include:

Online banking

Mobile banking


Cyclos offers a secure and reliable banking/payment platform, which can easily be customized according to your requirements.

SMS banking can be set up in a couple of minutes. Also our mobile app can be offered to your customers in seconds. IVR and USSD support will be added soon.

Additionally you can offer your customers a complete marketplace and even their own webshop. Much more features are available such as advertisement alerts.

Your achievements are a source of
pride and inspiration to all of us. We are all delighted to know that so many others appreciate your outstanding work as much as we do. We believe that this modest sum will bring you closer to your goal of banking the entire unbanked world!

Patrick G. Ngabonziza – Group CEO, MobiCash
MobiCash is licensed by: Banque de la République du Burundi, Centrale Bank du Congo, National Bank of Rwanda, Bank of Uganda and Bank of Botswana.

Cyclos helped us by making Sardex the success it is today. Our mutual credit network is handling a very large amount of transactions per day, it’s crucial that they are all processed well. Luckily we found Cyclos which gave us freedom to experiment (in dev phase) and security by architecture (in production). It is reliable, well built and can handle high volumes of transactions.

Giuseppe Littera – CTO Sardex
Sardex is a commercial credit circuit, that grows faster then any Barter in Europe. It helps fighting unemployment in Sardinia.