FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

On this page you can find the most frequent asked questions. If you think questions/anwers are missing please let us know, by sending a message via the contact page.

Where can I find documentation?

User and administration manuals can be found when you login Cyclos as administrator on the home page – quick access – Documentation. A complete overview of all the documentation available can be found here.

Is Cyclos available in my language?

Cyclos is currently available in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Dutch. New languages will follow soon. If you are interested in contributing with the translation to your language you can subscribe as a translator at: translate.cyclos.org.
For more information on how to register and the procedures to follow, please study our wiki page carefully: translation how-to

Where can I find support?

A Cyclos forum exists for support and functionality issues. If you want to post messages, you will need to ask for a login on this page. Details about support are listed on the support page.

Where can I host Cyclos?

Any provider that can host Java applications can host Cyclos. A list with providers who offer Cyclos hosting can be found at the Cyclos hosting page. If you are interested in offering Cyclos hosting please send a message on the contact page.

What is the current stable version?

The current stable version of Cyclos is 4.7.2

What does Cyclos cost?

Cyclos has different license options ranging from free, social and commerical license.
You can download the price list here.
Non profit organisations can apply for a free social license.

Where can I download Cyclos?

Cyclos can be dowloaded after you signed up. This can be done at this site.

We need custom functionality, who can program this?

Only for projects using a paid Cyclos 4 PRO edition, we can program custom functionality. The license agreement will contain the support tariffs. Our standard consultancy fee is 100 euro per hour. For more information about support please visit the support page.