Mobile banking with Cyclos

Mobile bankingCyclos offers a complete mobile banking platform. Cyclos has a rich set of home banking functionalities, business banking features and additional communication and e-commerce tools.

For a complete overview of all the functionalities, please see our feature list. The Cyclos mobile banking services has been built for (regional) banks, microfinance institutions, remittances, barter systems and complementary currency systems to stimulate local trade and development.

SMS banking

Cyclos 4 has an integrated SMS banking module, which can easily be set up within minutes. It allows members to pay each other by sms, by sending for example the follwing sms to Cyclos "pay 7733777777 20". In this case 20 dollar (or any currency specified) will be transferred to the member with this phone number. Other features are:

  • Sign-up via Mobile
  • Retrieve account information (optional browse through pages)
  • Info texts (texts managed in Cyclos can be retrieved by sending an SMS with a specific word/alias)
  • Notifications & alerts (personal alerts and general alerts & notifications)
  • Mailings (from administration and agents)
  • Bank and Telecom provider independent
  • Custom operations (programming interface that allows adding new operations)

Mobile app

The Cyclos 4 mobile app is available for Android and iOS. It allows members to pay each other, view their account information, search other members, manage their contacts, read system messages and view their profile information.
The mobile app can be customized easily by the administrator, to give it the look and feel that is desired. The complete layout of the mobile app can be customized online using a theme in Cyclos. It is also possible to create custom pages to communicate effectively with the members through the mobile app.

The Cyclos smartphone POS

The Cyclos smartphone POS turns each NFC enabled android phone into a POS device. This allows shops to receive payments from customers who have an nfc payment card. The POS can also be used for loyalty schemes, in schools, universities and in much more places. More information about the smartphone POS can be found here.

Both IVR banking and USSD banking are supported trough the webservices, we are still working on a more integrated solution.