Cyclos version 4.4 released (milestone version)

We are happy to announce that the Cyclos version 4.4 has been released.
It can be downloaded from our license server.

Cyclos 4.4 has some nice new features and many improvements such as a Operators, NFC payments, OTP (one time password) and much more.
A complete list with all the new features can be viewed at the online newsletter.

Important notes

When upgrading from version 4.3.x or lower to version 4.4.x or higher you must install the unaccent extension on the database. Go to the PostgreSQL command line and execute the following command as super user:
\c cyclos4
create extension unaccent;
For more information please check the documentation. See the paragraph upgrading Cyclos in chapter 1.1. Installation steps.

Existing Jelastic users can follow the following steps to update the instalation:

Best regards,

The Cyclos team