Cyclos 4 communities with your own domain

It is possible to use your own URL for Cyclos 4 communities. Instead of using "" you can use any domain you want, e.g. "". If you want your own domain for Cyclos 4 communities you have to follow the following steps:

Step 1: make sure you have registered your domain

Register the domain e.g. with a domain registration company. This will cost you between 5 and 20 dollars per year. Examples of domain registration companies are: 1&1, Namecheap, Hostgator, Name, Enom, Domainclub and Active 24.

Step 2: edit the dns entry for your domain

Point the URL of your domain to the communities subdomain: This process varies depending on the domain registration company. Often you can find this option under "host records", in case of doubt you can contact their customer support. For more information you can search "cname record in dns" on google. Below we give an example on how to set the dns entry correctly trough Enom:

Step I   Step IIa   Step IIb
1. Go to my domains, select the domain you want to use for Cyclos. Go to DNS Server Settings. Make sure "Our Servers" is selected under "Use our Name Servers?".   2a. Then go to "Host records". There are two options. Point a subdomain (see 2b) or the complete domain to Cyclos. In the latter case you have to insert as a CNAME (Alias) under www (note: at some companies you have to use instead of just www).   2b. If you only want to point a subdomain to the Cyclos server then you have to specify the sub domain and insert as a CNAME (Alias) next to it, as shown in the screenshot (note: at some companies you have to specify the full subdomain.domain.topleveldomain as the host name).

Important: A simple URL redirect will not work. You really need to define a CNAME record as described above at step 2b. You can check if your domain is pointing to the correct address by performing a PING (in a termninal or at the command line) to your domain. The PING to your domain should return the same IP address as a PING to the URL If this is not the case please do not submit the domain request. If you are not familiar with the PING command you can also use an online tool such as

Step 3: commit new domain to us and make donation

Note: ONLY proceed with this step if you have checked that your domain is succesfully pointing to the Cyclos community server (see comment directly above).
After you pointed your domain to our server we have to make some adjustments to our server and change your Cyclos configuration. To cover the administrative costs for this we ask for a mandatory donation of 35 euro. Press on the button on the right to commit your new domain and make the donation.

Get your own domain for your community now

Security certificate (https)

When a domain is purchased we will enable https with no additional costs. You can have your own personalized certificate (with your organisation data in the certificate) but it involves some procedures and we charge a yearly payment of 25 Euros for this.
In case you want a customized certificate the following steps will need to be done:

  • Make sure you have a valid domain.
  • Send a https request through our contact form with the following information:
    • Your domain name
    • Country Name
    • State or Province
    • Locality or City
    • Company
  • We will generate a certification request file (csr) and send it to you. The csr file has to be submitted to a certification provider. These would be typically your domain provider but could be dedicated certification provider as well. Most certification providers offer a tool/page to import the csr files. How this is done differs per provider but must be straight forward.
    Important! Make sure you select a certification for the 'Apache' webserver using openssl.
  • After you paid the costs with the certifaction provider they will send you two certifications files (crt extension).
  • Now make a payment of 25 Euros to STRO via Paypal for the administration costs, make sure you mention your domain.
  • Send the crt files to mentioning your domain.

* Be aware domain certifications need to be renewed every one or more years. Certifictation renewals involve the same steps and therefore the same costs are charged.