Upgrade your community

It is now possible to apply for a "network administrator" in order to get more permissions for your community. As a network administrator you can perform tasks such as:

A network administrator can define system settings that can affect the performance of the whole system (e.g. changing thresholds). To make sure that the network permissions will not be misused we ask the network administrator to agree with the terms stated below. We ask for a one time donation of 25 Euros to cover the administrative costs, this donation can be done trough paypal so all major credit cards are accepted.

Sign up for network administrator account

Network URL
Cyclos admin username
Cyclos admin password
I understand and agree with the terms of services as stated in our network registration page.

When my community is growing very large and has financial resources available. I will help Cyclos in renting more server capacity, in paying my fair share for my users.

I promise not to misuse the service "Cyclos 4 communities". For example, I won’t try to access the service using a method other than the interface and the instructions that Cyclos provides. I will only use the services as permitted by law, including applicable export and re-export control laws and regulations.

I promise I will do my best to prevent people from misusing Cyclos. e.g. by enabling users to upload very large (amount of) content which will slow down the system or by uploading illegal content.

I will do my work as "Community administrator" in a professional and positive way.

I hereby agree with the terms above.
Note: Cyclos 4 Communities is a free service offered by the Social TRade Organisation (STRO). Therefore we do not give any support ourselves. Questions can be asked at our Cyclos 4 communities user to user forum.
It is also possible to get commercial support of one of the support companies.