Cyclos on-line and mobile banking software.
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Cyclos 4 release

After years of hard work we are proud to present a demo of Cyclos 4. This is a complete new version of Cyclos, based on enterprise technologies, with a beautiful custom designed user interface. Please feel free to try our new version and create your demo account.

Two versions of Cyclos 4 will be released. A free online version for communities (Cyclos 4 Communities) and a downloadable version for banks, barters and microfinance institutions (Cyclos 4 PRO).

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What’s new?

- Improved user experience - Improved content management
- Complete API for integration with 3rd parties - In page notifications and alerts
- Improved security and scalability - Personalized dashboard
- Scalable group management - Content Management System (website)
- Shopping cart and stock management - And much more..
- Shared environment for community networks
Cyclos 4 Communities

In June a free service for community currencies will be launched. With this service you can create an online community currency in three simple steps:
- Register online
- Confirm registration by email
- Start trading

Each community will get their own website with a built-in content management system (CMS). Users can make payments to other users or to the community account. Various features are available such as an online marketplace, references, messages, alerts and notifications. Later this year more features will be added.

* This is an exclusively online service (no download available).

Cyclos 4 PRO

A commercial version will be available the 4rd quarter of 2013. This will be announced through our newsletter. We are still looking for social and commercial investors to invest in Cyclos 4. If you are interested please contact

- License costs: The Cyclos 4 PRO will be offered against start-up conditions that allow new users easy entry. Fees will only be charged once the system exceeds a certain amount of users and/ or generates enough commercial profit.
- Projects with a social mission with the lack of resources can apply for free version (details will be given in this newsletter).

License Cyclos

The license of Cyclos 4 will not be Open Source like the previous versions of Cyclos were (Cyclos 3 and lower). The main reason is that the development of financial software requires considerable financial resources. In the past we were fortunate to receive grants from several institutions (the Dutch Government, IDB, DOEN), but presently there is not sufficient funding available. Our current investors suggested a business model that allows the development costs to be shared among the larger users (that can afford it financially). STRO is working towards a business plan with a commercial approach, which at the same time will allow social initiatives to benefit from a free version.


- The Cyclos 3 version will be maintained (bug fixes only) and will remain Open Source.
- Cyclos 4 will be free for organisations with a social mission and inadequate financial resources.

Release schedule

- May 2013: Online Demo.
- June 2013: Launch Cyclos 4 Community service.
- November 2013: First Cyclos 4 PRO version.

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