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Dear Sir/Madam,

We are happy to announce that Cyclos 4.6 can now be downloaded from our license server. A new version of the mobile app (1.4.3) is also available at the app stores (Android and iPhone) and can also be downloaded by our licensees from our license server. Cyclos 4.6 and the new mobile version have various new features and many improvements:

Java 8 (important)
Cyclos 4.6 works exclusively with Java 8, so please update your java version! This version has the latest security patches as well as a whole range of features and improvements that helps the development of Cyclos.

We are excited to announce the new RESTful API (Application Programming Interface). This API is fully compatible with the OpenAPI initiative and it uses the swagger framework which centralizes documentation, testing and troubleshooting in one central place. The new RESTful API will make it much easier to integrate third party software products with Cyclos and allows you to make your own mobile app or frontend to Cyclos with much more ease. We will limit the changes made on this API to an absolute minimum (only important improvements) so that there won't be much hassle when updating to a new major version of Cyclos. Since this is the first version of the new API we will still make some minor improvements on it in the next version, based on our initial feedback. An example and demonstration of the API can be seen here:

Recurring payments
Next to scheduled payments you can now configure recurring payments (e.g. each week, month, year). The initial date can be set and number of occurrences (a fixed number or indefinite).

Improved paymentwall (more filters, csv download)
New search filter options and CSV download in paymentwall (general payment overview).

Authorizations for advertisements
From now on normal ads as well as web shop ads can require authorizations by brokers or admins. New statuses are available (draft, awaiting authorization, denied, accepted), and notifications can be send on each status change.

Custom operations for advertisements
One or more custom operations can be configured for advertisements. The operations will be available from the actions section in the advertisement details page.

USSD solution with scripts
It is now possible to support USSD services with simple scripts. We published an example script that works with the USSD provider global USSD. The scripts are available in our documentation.

Invite new user option
With one click a user can send an invitation to new users. The new users will receive an email with a text and a link to explore Cyclos.

New advertisement categories page with images
Next to the old advertisement category overview there is now an option to show the categories and subcategories with images. If you are interested please visit our demo site for an example.

Voucher module improvements
In Cyclos 4.5 we added the voucher module. A voucher is basically a unique generated number and an amount value that can be cashed (redeemed) for units. The redeeming criteria of the vouchers can be restricted (e.g. spend at specific businesses at specific date/hour range). There are many uses for vouchers. Common uses are gift cards, restaurant cheques and buying offline credit / top-up. In the Cyclos 4.6 version we made many improvements to the voucher module. Vouchers can now have an advertisement category, and users can access the vouchers directly from the marketplace. It is possible for brokers and administrators to cancel vouchers, and chargeback the related voucher payments. Brokers and administrators can also re-negotiate (re-schedule) expired vouchers. Each voucher maintains a complete history log with all voucher actions and status changes (with time-stamp and user that performed the action). The history log can be viewed by users, brokers and administrators (according to the permissions). We also improved the search filters for vouchers.

Fine grained control over advertisements and record custom fields
Both record and advertisements now have fine grained permissions for each of their custom fields.

NFC security
Some important improvements have been made for the security of the NFC cards. Now also shops can personalize the NFC cards without having to get access to the private key stored on the card. Therefore the admin has to initialize the NFC cards first. Also the generation of the private key used to manage the NFC cards can be configured in the file. For more information click here.

Cyclos translations completed
Cyclos is now available in 21 languages. Not all languages were 100% translated. We completed the untranslated language keys with automatic 'machine' translation. The machine translations are generally quite accurate but they need to be reviewed by a (human) translator. If you are a Cyclos translator, or if you want to contribute with the translation/review, please let us know. For information about the Cyclos translation click here.

Add extra variables to notifications
Often it is nice to include a username, profile field or account number to (email) notifications. Now this is possible. Click here for the documentation.

Other improvements:
- Advertisements can be placed in multiple categories
- Automatic card QR/Barcode generation for new users
- Export tokens/cards as CSV file
- Allow floating pages for content management
- Fast data storage now available for scripts
- Quick search on network switcher
- Automatically move users to another group after specified period
- SMS logging
- Custom Cyclos log directory (required for Docker support)
- Run custom operation directly (without form)
- New custom operation return type: URL
- New linked field (entity) type 'advertisement'
- Improved period filter in account history
- Broker filter in user records search
- Download csv for general overviews
- New search filters for account overview
- Allow retrieve forgotten password using other identification methods than e-mail
- New search filter 'activation date' in the user search
- Show multiple addresses for one advertisement
- Allow shared fields in system record types
- Now brokers and admins can see if an address or phone is hidden
- Allow groups to inherit the configuration from the groupset
- Allow passing external account names on payments. For example on cash-in, cash-out payments the external banking account can be shown instead of the name of the Cyclos system account

For more information about Cyclos and the Social Trade Organisation, please visit:

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