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Dear Sir/Madam,

We are happy to announce that Cyclos 4.7 can now be downloaded from our license server. Cyclos 4.7 has various new features and many improvements:

Bulk actions
The bulk actions feature allows running specific actions over a (bulk) selection of users. The bulk actions can be run by an admin or broker who selects users using filters or select boxes. Various types of bulk actions can be executed and for each bulk action a detailed history log is available. It is also possible to write your own custom bulk actions. The following built-in bulk actions are available:
- reset password
- change group
- change product
- change profile field value

Performance improvements
The user and payment searches have been optimized for very large databases (millions of transactions and users). This does imply, however, that the users in the cyclos database need to be re-indexed if the user format has been changed in the configuration.

Business contact management
Companies usually have various internal contacts that have own email addresses and telephone numbers. In Cyclos 4.7 there is a specific section in the profile where company contacts can be shown and managed.

Improved operators
The operators module has undergone some major improvements. As a quick reminder, operators in Cyclos can be seen as 'sub users' who do not have their own account, but can be given permissions to perform certain operations such as making/receiving payments. For example, a supermarket can create an operator for each cashier. Operators do have their own profile, and in Cyclos version 4.7 operators can also have their own phones and cards (tokens). It is now possible to create custom profile fields for operators and define fine grained permissions (per field). Also, in this version it is possible to make a payment directly to an operator.

Improved custom operations
The custom operations provide a way to add functionality to the existing Cyclos features. Custom operations can be placed under menu items, or as actions buttons in inside Cyclos elements such as user profiles or advertisements. After a custom operation is ran, different return types can be configured, such as a notification, an internal page, a redirect to a URL or a file download. With this version we added custom operations for records. It is now also possible to configure multiple operations per entity (e.g. different action buttons per user profile or record) and it is possible to add conditions that define if an operation will show up or not. For example: the value of a specific field (e.g. status) can define what custom operation will be shown to the user. Therefore, only operations are shown when they are relevant, which makes it more clear and intuitive for the end user. Custom operations are all compiled to the core of Cyclos, meaning there is no performance overhead, and all custom operations are automatically part of the Cyclos API.

Improved paymentwall
The paymentwall (general payment overview) has new search filter options and a CSV download option. The total sum of the transactions and number of payments is shown at the top of the payment overview.

Improve account history print
With a new configuration option it is now possible to define which user fields and which title to show in the header of the account history print list.

Third party user authentication
A new script type has been added allowing the delegation of the user authentication to a third party system. This allows SSO (single sign on) authentication for organisations needing close integration with other software products and services.

Google Map key
A key for the Google Map service can now be defined in the configuration. As of October 2016 the Google Map services (API) requires a key. The Google Map service remain free until a certain amount of Map loads, but a key will be necessary. Information about the Google Map services plan with limits and prices can be found here

Other improvements
- Search users ads, new option to show random ads
- New option, set default date to 'today' for date type custom fields
- New option in transaction type: Ignore credit limit
- Keyword search in groups list
- Export records as CSV
- Option to hide chargebacks and their original payments in the payment overview

Next version 4.8
The next version of Cyclos will focus on improving the usability of existing operations, such as payments, card management and easy integration with third party products. Together with our Dutch partners we are planning to develop the following exciting new features for Cyclos 4.8:

Quick QR payments
A business or consumer can generate a QR code for receiving a quick payment. The QR code can be generated in the Mobile app, the Web interface or a third party system (e.g. external Webshop). The generated QR code has a fixed receiver, and optional amount and description (depending on the payment configuration). The payer will just have to select the 'QR payment' option in the mobile app which will launch the camera. When the QR code is scanned the payment will be directly validated and the payment data (receiver, amount and description) is shown. The payer can now confirm the payment with one click. Both receiver and payer will get a direct (push) notification with the payment confirmation details, or, in case of an error, the payer will be shown a message with the error details (e.g. insufficient balance). The quick QR code payment can be implemented for any kind of consumer-to-business payment such as payments at Webshops, cash register or ATM, and also for consumer-to-consumer payments.

Easy invoicing
Business and institutions can generate QR codes and payment URL's containing information about the receiver, amount and description. The QR codes and URL's can be printed (on an invoice) or send by email to groups of users. The users can confirm the payment with their mobile phone (as described above) or by clicking the payment URL in the email.

Easy Fast register NFC cards by business (loyalty)
Businesses will now be able to register new users and assign (NFC) cards directly for the Mobile POS (Point of Sale). Optionally, businesses can also load saldo on the cards.

For more information about Cyclos and the Social Trade Organisation, please visit:

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