Cyclos on-line and mobile banking software.
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Dear Sir/Madam,

We are happy to announce that new versions of Cyclos and the Cyclos mobile app have been released. Cyclos 4.13 can be downloaded from our license server, the mobile app (version 2.7) has been published at the google play store and the apple app store. Also, version 2.0 of the front-end can be downloaded from github (branch 2.0).

This newsletter contains a summary of all the new features and improvements that were added since the last newsletter.

OpenID Connect / OAuth2
OpenID connect allows users to register and login to Cyclos using external identity providers such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, or any remote service that supports OpenID. At registration is it possible to fetch user data from the third party (e.g. email, address, gender, etc.) and insert it in the corresponding field in the Cyclos registration form.
Cyclos can also serve as its own Identity Provider so that Cyclos users can login at third party services with their Cyclos ID/password (single sign-on).

Elasticsearch for transactions
Transactions have been added to elastic search. Transaction searches (e.g. account history and payment overview) are now very fast, even on systems with very large transaction volumes.

Multiple export formats
Next to the (built-in) data export formats CSV, Excel, and PDF, it is now also possible to add custom export formats.

Firebase support
Cyclos 4.13 can be integrated with Google Firebase. This will allow live notifications on Android and iOS devices. Support for Firebase will be added to mobile from version 2.8. Firebase support is also added to the REST API. It is possible to send individual and group notifications using the Firebase service.

Individual payment limits
In previous versions the payment limits (e.g. min/max amount per day/week/month) could only be set per transaction type, meaning it applied to all users. Now it is possible to define the min/max per period (daily, weekly, monthly) also in the product so that it can be applied to groups or individual users.

Optional agreements
Agreements can now also be optional. Upon registration, users will have to select the required agreements, and can optionally select the non obligatory agreements. All agreements have a clickable link that opens the agreement text in the pop-up window.
An agreement overview page has been added to the personal menu in Cyclos. Users can see the agreements and activity status (with time stamp) and change the optional agreements. An agreement extension point has also been added. This makes it very easy to add business rules upon agreement status changes. For example, when an agreement is accepted an individual product could be assigned automatically to a user.

Assign voucher upon generation
Open and non-assigned vouchers can now be manually assigned to a member (by a script or by an admin). It is also possible to assign the voucher to a user (redeemer) direct upon voucher generation.

Contact information per address
When a user, typically a business, has multiple addresses he can now add extra contact information (e.g. phone, email) to the address.

Separate permissions to see personal user information
For some projects, it is a requirement that users don't see certain private information of each other, such as email and full names, but the managers (brokers and admins) do need to see them. There is now a new permission that allows this.

New PDF generator OpenHTMLtoPDF
The PDF generator JasperReports has been replaced with Open HTML to PDF. This framework makes it easy to make nice looking PDF documents based on HTML5.

QR code scanning from browser
The QR code scanning that is supported by the mobile app is now also available in the front-end (standard and new front-end). It is available at these pages:
- Perform payment (scan user ID)
- Receive payment (scan user ID)
- Redeem voucher (scan voucher code)

New configuration: skip payment confirmation
To make the user experience faster it is now possible to skip the payment confirmation step. The confirmation (after the payment is done) is still shown.

Export & Import users with group
The export users feature (available from the user search) does now include the group of each user (in a new column). The user import functions also support groups. The import process will put the users in the corresponding group according to the group name in the import file. Users that have no group defined (or if the group is spelled incorrectly) can be placed in a designated (default) group, or be ignored (not imported), depending on the configuration.

Performance testing
After a round of performance improvements, we updated the frameworks we use for performance testing. Currently, we use the frameworks: K6, InfluxDB and Grafana. A best practice guide on performance testing can be found at this wiki page.

Other improvements
- New option to hide the advertisement price and owner for guests (not logged users)
- Improved performance on transfer processing
- Allow forgotten password retrieval by SMS
- New option in transactions import: don't send notifications
- Allow defining a broker in user registration by administrator
- Add min / max delivery time for webshop delivery method

Mobile app

From version 2.7 on mobile app only users can do all tasks via the mobile. Users can register, confirm their registration, change profile, add pictures, forgot & reset password all with the mobile app.

Publish & edit advertisements
With the new version, it is possible to publish and edit advertisements from the mobile app. It supports all advertisement features: images, custom fields, questions & answers, and submit ads for authorization (by an admin or broker).

Quick login (without password)
Users that have activated their smartphone as a trusted device can now login to the mobile app without the need to enter a PIN or password. An option has been created for this in the mobile channel configuration (under User identification methods). Please only use this feature if it fits in your security policy.

Login & register with external identity providers
Support has been added to register and login with external identity providers such as Facebook, Google and other social network services.

Show redeemers (specific users) in voucher details
The voucher details page will now show a list of all possible redeemers (usually shops where vouchers can be spent). Each redeemer has a link that will open the profile (and show the redeemer location on a map).

Other improvements
- Skip payment preview (depending on cyclos configuration)
- Push notification on payment authorization
- Require PIN to remove or change PIN
- If a password has only digits use input mode numeric and pattern 0 to 9
- Add support to scan user identifier as QR code at login screen identification
- Add time behind the date of the last login
- Add support for optional agreements

New front-end

The aim of the new front-end is to offer a simple and intuitive user interface for Cyclos that can be easily customized. The front-end is built on the Angular and Bootstrap frameworks and is published as an open-source project on GitHub.

The following features have been added in version 2.0.
- Login / register with identity providers
- Forgot password
- Export formats
- Manage advertisements
- Webshop and shopping cart
- Vouchers module
- Notification settings
- User alerts
- Manage operators
- Manage brokers
- Connected users (search / disconnect)
- Manage tokens (user / operator)
- View shared / individual / process dynamic documents
- Receive QR payment
- User records
- Search payments awaiting my authorization
- Improve multiple accounts view in the dashboard

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