Cyclos on-line and mobile banking software.
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Dear Sir/Madam,

We are happy to announce that new versions of Cyclos and the Cyclos mobile app have been released. Cyclos 4.14 can be downloaded from our license server, the mobile app (version 2.9) has been published at the google play store and the apple app store.
This newsletter contains a summary of all the new features and improvements that were added since our last newsletter.

New front-end
The classic Cycos front-end (based on Google Web Toolkit) had its limitations for customizations. Because of this, many projects built their own front-end using the Cyclos API. The Cyclos 4.14 version comes with a modern and highly customizable front-end based on the angular and bootstrap frameworks. The new front-end is fully responsive meaning it displays (resizes) well with different screen sizes and resolutions (from larger monitors to smartphones). It is very easy to select which frontend you want to use, it is defined in a single setting in the configuration. As it can be set in the configuration, it is even possible to use the new frontend only for certain groups. There is also a permission that allows users to switch between the classic and new front-end. Detailed information about the new front-end can be found at this wiki page.
The classic front-end has also been improved with new fonts and (vector) icons. It also displays better on larger screen sizes.

With Cyclos wizards it is possible to create a flow of input forms. A typical use of a wizard is an 'onboarding' module. A wizard works much like a custom operation, but where a custom operation consists of a single page, a wizard is a flow of pages with a first step (page) and a last last step (the finish). On the submission and loading of each page/step script code can be executed. Within the flow there can be different 'branches' according to the options chosen by the customer.
A wizard can be shown in a menu (to guests or logged users), it can be accessed via an easy readable URL, and it can be used for the registration of new users. The wizard has various available built-in features. For example, integration with external identity providers such as Facebook or Google, email validation, captcha etc. It is possible to integrate a step with a third party service, for example, for KYC (know your customer) purposes.

Payment limits improvement
In previous versions of Cyclos it was already possible to define a maximum amount that could be transferred in a single payment. It was also possible to define maximums that could be transferred per day, week, and month. This is all defined in the transaction type. Now, these amounts can also be individualized. The settings in the transfer type are always leading and applied, but lower limits can be set per user. In the user's product per account type the default maximums can be set, which can be overwritten per user. This new feature is available as a user action for admins and brokers.

Authorization amount range
When authorizations are enabled in a transaction type, it is possible to create authorization levels. Each level needs to be authorized, starting at the first level, by one of the assigned authorizers. Now, we added the option to define an amount range in an authorization level. If an amount range is configured, the authorization level will only be applied when the transaction amount is within the amount range and if it is not within the range the level will be skipped. The range can be configured with an 'upper' and 'lower' limit, but it is also possible to select just one option. For example, if 'higher or equals than amount' of 100 is defined (and no lower limit) any payment above 100 will need to be authorized (for this level).

Account fee improvements
The performance of the account fees has been improved considerably. The account fee details page will show all products that have the account fee enabled. Verbose logging for account fees has been added for troubleshooting.

Operators extension point
A new extension point of type 'operator' has been added. Scripts can be executed on operations events such as create/update/delete, change group and change status.

New script type to customize content of notifications
We received various requests for the functionality to customize the content of notifications, for example, including the account balance in the 'received payment' notification. This can now be done with a new script type, that allows customization of both the body and the title. The script has access to local variables (user and account variables).

Infrastructure upgrades
- Java 11 (required to run Cyclos 4.14)
- Migration from Maven to Gradle (build automation tool)
- GWT 2.9
- Groovy 3 (used for Cyclos scripting)
- Cyclos PayPal solution updated to use PayPal API v2

Other improvements
- Retrieve a user list for a specific date and group
- Improved Elasticsearch performance
- Improved handling of background tasks
- Account number can be shown in user balances overview as column
- Include profile fields in user balances export

Mobile app
Since the last newsletter, two mobile app versions have been published (2.8 and .2.9). This newsletter will describe all the new features.

Push notifications for Android & iOS using Firebase
Notifications can now be sent as push notifications to the mobile phone. The notification will show a descriptive title (e.g. payment received) and contains a link that opens the Cyclos app. After logging into the app, the corresponding page will be opened.

Added support for wizards
The mobile app supports all features of the wizards (see explanation above in Cyclos features).

Support for user records
The Cyclos mobile version 2.9 supports user records (a feature that was previously only available in the main Web interface). Users can be given permissions to view, create and delete records from the mobile app.

Splash screen
Cyclos now supports a splash screen (the screen shown during the loading of the mobile app). Licensees can customize the splash screen, set the fade-out time or turn off the complete feature. For more information licensees can download the cyclos-mobile-reference.pdf, which can be found inside the mobile release (zip) in our license server.

Add language switcher in guest mode
It is now possible to change the language from the login page.

Other improvements
- Mobile references
- Mobile payment feedbacks
- Mobile contact fields
- Added agreements overview page

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