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Dear Sir/Madam,

The Cyclos team wishes you a happy and prosperous new year. 2014 promises to become an exciting year for the Cyclos team, in February we will publish Cyclos 4 PRO. We decided to include mobile banking and geolocation features in the first version, what delayed our planning a bit. We are confident that it will be worth the waiting!

Various exciting projects are planning to start with Cyclos 4 PRO when it will come out. From banks to barter networks and regional currencies. The free Cyclos 4 communities service has been a great success, already over 500 communities registered since it was launched in June 2013.

Cyclos 4 PRO has various license options. There is a free license (with a limited amount of users) for startups and small projects. Organisations with a social mission can apply for a social license. Business can apply for a commercial license with added support. For more information please check the online pricelist. In february you can apply for a license through an online application.

Mobile banking
Cyclos 4 will come with an integrated SMS module that supports all common SMS banking operations and will be easy to setup and configure. The mobile app has a modern look and feel and will work well on all phones and tablets. The layout of the mobile app can be easily customized and it is also possible to display content pages in the mobile app. What’s really nice is that this can all be done from within Cyclos (no app store deploy is necessary).

With geolocation your users can now easily find businesses, other users or advertisements on the integrate (google) map. We also introduced a distance filter, which works well together with the map function. This can be handy for example when searching for a business or service close to your location.

Other improvements
Among the many enhancements of the latest Cyclos 4 version are improved security (IP whitelist/blacklists per access channel), improved content management system, improved administration manual, and easier user management (admins can block, disconnect, disabled and remove users directly from the user profile).

A complete feature list of Cyclos 4 PRO can be found here.

For more information about Cyclos and the Social Trade Organisation, please visit:

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