Cyclos on-line and mobile banking software.
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Dear Sir/Madam,

We are happy to announce that after years of hard work the Cyclos 4 PRO version has been released. With Cyclos 4 PRO banks, barters, microfinance institutions and complementary currency systems can deploy a payment system with minimal effort.

Cyclos 4 PRO licenses

Cyclos 4 PRO has various license options. There is a free license (with a limited amount of users) for startups and small projects. Organisations with a social mission can apply for a social license. Business can apply for a commercial license with added support. For more information about the Cyclos licenses please check the online pricelist.

Try Cyclos 4 PRO now by registering at the Cyclos license server. After you have registered you can download Cyclos 4 PRO and try the free version.

Cyclos 4 main features

- Intuitive user Interface
With newly developed user interface user can find their way around without the need of reading manuals or help files.

- SMS banking
Cyclos 4 has a built-in SMS module that can be enabled on the fly. It supports payments, fetch account information (current balance, payments history) and push/pull info texts.

- Mobile App
A mobile app has been created for Android. With a few clicks you can easily manage your Cyclos account and make payments with your Smartphone. In March an updated version will be released for both Android and iOS (iPhone).

- Online marketplace / web shop
Cyclos 4 has a complete web shop module with: shopping cart, stock management, price negotiation, order tracking and delivery address management.

- Geolocation features
With the integrated maps feature users can find products and businesses near their location.

- Easy user management
Administrators can disconnect, disable/enable, block/unblock and remove users with a one click option directly from the profile

- Online content management
All content items (Menus, Banners, Pages, styles) can be accessed and modified from a single comprehensible page.

- Networks
Cyclos 4 allows creating and managing multiple networks in a single (shared) environment. Each network, or sub network can have its own language, layout, content, domain and account configuration.

- Open API
The complete functional services layer is available as Web API. The REST protocol makes easy for third party software to connect to Cyclos.

- High security
The Cyclos 4 PRO is designed to be highly secure. The Cyclos development team followed the security guidelines defined by the ISO 27002 standard. The code is constantly tested by an advanced set of automated security tests.

A complete feature list of Cyclos 4 PRO can be found here.

Coming soon

The main features that will be released within the first half of 2014 are:

- Account fees
Manual or scheduled bulk payments from or to member accounts. For example; monthly user contributions, monthly interest, demurrage, and system-to-user bulk payments.

- Extension points
This module will allow modifying or extending existing features with customized code (business rules). It will also be possible to create new custom operations and link them to a newly created menu item, or run them as scheduled task.

- Payment wall
A quick overview for administrator with relevant information about financial status and payment activity in the system.

For more information about Cyclos and the Social Trade Organisation, please visit:

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