Cyclos on-line and mobile banking software.
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Dear Sir/Madam,

We are happy to announce that Cyclos 4.1 can now be downloaded from our license server. Cyclos 4.1 has many improvements and offers some nice new features:

Account fees
The account fees allows you to charge interest on negative balances, pay interest on (savings) accounts or charge a demurrage on an account. It also allows you to charge (monthly/daily/..) contribution payments to your members and much more fee options can be configured.

Mobile app
The beta version was already available on google play, but now the first stable version is ready. This version is available at Google play and is submitted to iTunes, and will be available shortly.

Barter & C3 tools
Together with the very successful C3 network Sardex we are developing some new features that are very usefull for barters and C3s. The first feature we launch allows administrators to search on user balances and much more handy criteria. It is even possible to visualize the balances of users on a map. This allows brokers to easily match members who need to spend to members that need customers. In a next version we will introduce a payment wall that allows live monitoring and searching of all payments going on in the system.

Other new features are:
- Improved geolocation (Google map) integration.
- Recover password option (optional)
- Search engine submission (SEO)
- Broker commission fees
- More visibility options for profile fields
- Age and Maturity counters on balances & transactions (optional)

For more information about Cyclos and the Social Trade Organisation, please visit:

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