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Dear Sir/Madam,

We are happy to announce that Cyclos 4.2 can now be downloaded from our license server. Cyclos 4.2 has some nice new features and many improvements:

Import features
It is now much easier to migrate your system to Cyclos because of the new import functionalities. Almost all key information can now be imported in Cyclos:
- Users together with all profile fields, addresses, phones and profile images
- Advertisements with images
- User records
- References
- Transactions

Mailing lists
It is possible to send mailings (bulk messages) by SMS or e-mail mailings to specific users or groups of users. E-mail mailings can include rich text and pictures. There is a history log of mailings with statistics about the successful / failed users.

Cyclos scripting
The new scripting module offers an easy way to customize and extend Cyclos, without losing compatibility with future Cyclos versions. It provides an integration layer that allows connecting from Cyclos to third party software, as well executing custom operations and scheduled tasks within Cyclos self. The scripting engine can access the full Cyclos services layer which makes it a powerful feature.
More information about the scripting module can be found here.

Payment status
It is now possible to define 'status flows' for specific transaction types. The status feature is very generic and will be mostly used for ‘follow-up’ tasks or bookkeeping tracking. The complete flows can be designed according to your needs with multiple 'initial' status, intermediate status and final (closed) status per status flow, and there can be none, one, or various status flows per transaction type.

Loan module
We created a loan module with the use of scripts and the scheduled payments and payment status features. The scheduled payment has been improved with additional status and a search for individual installments. As the loan module is done with scripts it will be easier to customize the loan rules or to interact with third party software.

Improved account summary
New information fields have been added to the account summary page:
- Total sum of incoming/outgoing transactions
- Begin and end balance for period searches
- Improvements of the account summary printing

Other new features are:
- New custom profile field type ‘member’
- Two level custom field (categories/values)
- Search user records by profile field
- System records (separated from user records)
- New custom profile field type two level list (categories, sub categories)
- Load dynamic values for custom fields
- Custom password type
- New payment options (broker related)
- Create multiple custom SMS operations
- Improved date picker
- Session ID / token for third party API access
- Login from external website

For more information about Cyclos and the Social Trade Organisation, please visit:

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