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Dear Cyclos users,

We are happy to announce that Cyclos 4.3 can now be downloaded from our license server. Cyclos 4.3 has some great new features and many improvements:

Card management
Cyclos now offers a complete card management system. The card module supports different identifiers (tokens) such as a card number, Bar/QR code or NFC tag. The module works with the Cyclos webPOS, and also with the soon to be released smartphone Cyclos Point Of Sale (POS) app, which will support secure NFC payments. The card module can also be integrated with third party POS systems.

Access clients
For third party access to Cyclos (e.g. loan management software or mobile apps) it is possible to define 'access clients'. An access client has various security options that can be managed by the user directly in Cyclos. For example, the user can grant permissions and limit access from specific IP addresses. An access client has a secure access key, which replaces the username and password, so that they donít need to be stored on the server and send on each request.

Web POS (Point of Sale)
Users can now receive POS payments via the main Web channel. The customers can identify themselves with either a card (e.g. bar/QR code) or built-in identification methods like login name, email and phone number.

Payment requests
A payment request is a way to request a payment from another user with a fixed amount and an expiry date. Different channels can be enabled for payment requests. For example, it is possible to send a payment request by SMS. Also a request can be sent from the web interface, and received/accepted by SMS.

Payments overview
Administrators and brokers can access a single page that lists 'in real time' all payments that are made by users they manage. Various search filters are available.

Credit limit search
The credit search is a great new feature especially useful for mutual credit systems such as Barters. Administrators and brokers can view all credit limits of the users they manage in a single search page. When the credit limit is changed, the new credit limit together with a personal comment, date, and administrator/broker who modified the credit limit will be stored in the credit limit log.

Improved scripting module
The scripting module has been improved. Scripting in Cyclos offers a quick way to customize existing features or add your own custom features. The scripting module can also be used to connect to third party software systems. Various useful example scripts have been made available in the scripting chapter of our documentation.

PIN-less payments
The administrator can define maximum amounts for PIN-less payments. Users won't be required to provide a PIN (confirmation password) when making payments under the specified maximum amount. Next to this maximum PIN-less amount per payment there is also a daily maximum amount. When a user surpasses his maximum daily amount the PIN will be required.

The session problem that Jelastic users have been experiencing are solved. The one quick install works great for everybody again and existing users can follow the following steps described here.

Other new features are:
- Download user lists as csv for administrators
- Group search by brokers and members
- Multiple user identification methods per channel / payment type
- Shared fields for user and system records (allows searching in multiple record types)
- Case insensitive login name

For more information about Cyclos and the Social Trade Organisation, please visit:

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