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Cyclos 4 Communities is used by hundreds of social currencies. Cyclos 4 Communities is free software for LETS and Timebanks. Please create your own online community now!

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E-Pay Innovation Award Winner

Award winning payment software

As early as 2014 the payment industry awarded Cyclos at the TRANSACT conference for being the most innovative payment software.

Free software for Social currencies

For social communities we developed a free version of our software: Cyclos 4 Communities. It can be setup in a few easy steps. Also, it allows you to completely configure Cyclos to meet your demands. And above all, it is free to use! As a result, thousands of social currencies around the globe use Cyclos 4 Communities. This also makes Cyclos 4 Communities very suitable as a campus card system.

For professional larger social currencies, we recommend using Cyclos 4 PRO. But for smaller social currencies or starting organisations, it is much easier to use our free Cyclos 4 Communities service.

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More than 3500 LETS, Timebanks and other social currency systems use the Cyclos software free of charge. Did you also know that our service is already running from 2013? Please understand, however, that this is a free service so we cannot give individual support. But for questions you can always use our user to user forum.

Since Cyclos is part of the non-profit Social TRade Organisation, your privacy is very important to us. Therefore, we will never sell your personal data to third parties.

Below, you can view the map of all Cyclos 4 Communities users.