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We created the Cyclos user to user forum, to enable Cyclos users to help each other.

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Cyclos user to user forum

Please help each other on the Cyclos forum.

Especially for startups and social initiatives who can’t afford to purchase commercial support we created the user to user forum. The idea of this forum is that Cyclos users can help each other with questions they have. Please help each other out here, we do not have enough resources to help.

Guidelines for new post on the forum

  1. Before you post your question check our documentation, instruction video’s and FAQ if you can find your answer here.
  2. Search the forum if somebody else already asked your question.
  3. If you still have no answer please use our forum. Make always sure to pick the right board, before you create a new post.
  4. Please always describe your question as good as possible, so that it can easily be reproduced by other users. It’s appreciated if you start with a summary and add a detailed description below. Mention if you are logged in as an admin, broker or user. And clearly describe the page you have a question about. E.g. login as admin > System > System configuration > Record types > New record.
  5. If you are reporting a bug, please use our bug formatter tool and copy the result in a new forum thread on our Bug – problem reporting board. This will help us to easily reproduce the bug.

Request forum account

Here you can sign-up for the Cyclos forum. If you have a preferred username please send it with your request. Be aware that the forum is intended for user-to-user communication. Due to the lack of resources the Cyclos development team can currently only handle bug reports.

    * This field is optional. If you do not specify a forum user name, the first part of your e-mail address will be used.