Cyclos hosting & commercial support

Cyclos is written in Java, because Java can best deliver the high reliability, scalability and security needed for banking applications. It is possible to host Cyclos on your own server, a step by step tutorial for this can be found in our installation guide. Any provider that can host Java applications and PostgreSQL can host Cyclos. Since Java is enterprise software it will be more expensive than hosting a simple website.

Cyclos hosting with STRO

For users with a small or medium license we offer a hosting package. The costs are 125 Euro monthly. The hosting services include initial installation, Cyclos hosting and backup service. Extra support can be purchased for 100 Euro per hour. The hosting platform uses a dedicated server with SSD drives in a RAID 10 configuration ensuring high performance and redundancy.
If you are interested in hosting please send a message at the contact form.

Third party hosting companies/service providers

Below you can find a list of Cyclos hosting and support companies. Please be aware that these companies receive a lot Cyclos support emails, so when emailing them please try to be brief in describing which services you would like them to provide for you:

bueffelSOFT focuses on Cyclos customizations for payment and profit projects as well as non-profit initiatives (e.g. complementary money systems). Comes with two different levels of Cyclos hosting. For German and English language partners. Please contact:

Connociam Consulting

Connociam Consulting and Complementary Currency Resource Center can help you with the technical support needed to implement projects with Cyclos and other peripheral tools, in particular, but not only, for complementary currencies. After analyzing your project needs, you will be advised on issues like hosting, parametrization, payment channel(s), integrations, etc. The support can help you in terms of IT, but also in other areas such as business plan, marketing, operations, legal, etc. Languages: English, Spanish, French.

Cycloshost UG
Cycloshost UG is a German company that offers Cyclos hosting and support in both German and English. The scalable CentOS hosting for Cyclos is based on the latest versions. The help desk can be contacted trough:

A French IT company offering Cyclos 4 PRO support. Professional advice for loyalty, barter, marketplace and currencies projects, Integration of Cyclos PRO into business projects, including hosting and individual programming. Also services to set Mobile/SMS/Card modules. For more information contact:

International Cyclos hosting. Digitekst is also very experienced in doing Cyclos customizations for their clients.

FIDUTEK sister company of GECA focuses on offering technology as a service to financial institutions banking and non-banking. We provide Cyclos customizations for payment. We also offer different levels of hosting. For French, Kreyol and English language partners.

JVM Host
JVM Host is providing a variety of Java hosting services including shared and VPS hosting. JVM host provides clients with ready to use Cyclos in a VPS environment. The company also helps with upgrades and module (especially Mobile/SMS) setups.

Marviq is a software development agency, located in The Netherlands and Poland providing end to end development/implementation/support services for the Cyclos platform.

Global network of digital currency architects. Over 15 years of experience with Cyclos and digital payment solutions. Cyclos support services include parametrization and advanced customization for loyalty programs, barter networks, mobile banking, buy local programs and local currencies. Trustable and multi-language partner (english, spanish, portuguese and french). Please contact:

Probe automatisering
A Dutch IT company offering Cyclos 4 PRO and communities support. Dutch is the preferred language to communicate.

Professional support for integration of Cyclos into business projects, including hosting and individual programming. Also offering very cheap hosting and support to not-for-profit projects like LET systems. You can contact this company by e-mail:

Smartex Media, SIA
Based in Latvia (EU) a service provider for hosting and developing different models of Cyclos for customer needs. Speaking Latvian, Russian and English.

Ubiquat Technologies
Ubiquat Technologies offers UbiCyclos Pro, an advanced hosting solution that provides full backup, cluster configuration, automated upgrades and advanced configuration. Support offered in English, Spanish and Catalan. For more information contact:
Webhosting offers Cyclos hosting on the Jelastic platform, and also provides support for Cyclos installations via their help-desk (email), phone support and also live chat. For more information contact:

Yoomee is a new and dynamic Telco from Cameroon that offers Cyclos services in English and French. Yoomee is mainly focused on central Africa. For more information contact:

* All companies listed above with the exception of Jelastic offer dedicated Cyclos support. If you are looking for Cyclos programmers you can also use our forum to help you find one. If you are interested in offering Cyclos hosting please send a message at the contact page.